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The New Zealand electoral system has been mixed-member proportional (MMP) since 1996. Low income families regardless of employment would get $72 a week and free child care. [96], Labour promised to reduce net immigration by about 20–30,000 annually, partly by reducing the number of students enrolled in "low value" courses that were susceptible to being used as a subterfuge for immigration. Those earning less would be considered low-skilled and can stay in the country for a maximum of three years, after which a stand-down period applies before they can apply to come back. ", "Businessman and former mayor Dick Hubbard endorses Labour over climate change", "Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern, Helen Clark at campaign launch", "Jacinda Ardern storms the markets of South Auckland", "Why Guy Williams supports Labour and the Greens", Author Gordon McLauchlan supports Green Party, "Bill English calls for tactical voting in Epsom, Ohariu to elect support party leaders", "Peter Dunne resigns from politics only weeks out from the election", "Newshub election poll: Either National, Labour could take power", "New poll: National takes huge lead in bombshell 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll", "New Zealand Election on a knife edge but Labour favoured with the support of the Greens & Maori Party as 'Jacindamania' pulls support from National & New Zealand First", "Poll of the final polls - too complicated to call", "Stuff poll of polls: Election result too close to call", "Green Party Co-Leader Metiria Turei resigns as Co-leader", "Six candidates put their hats in the ring to be mayor of Hastings", "Just when you thought it was safe to relax ... it's back to the polls in Wellington and Hastings", "Nominations for Kaipara mayoralty and Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Ward byelections close", "New mayor for Dargaville, new councillor for Far North", "Auckland ratepayers to foot the bill for two by-elections resulting from general election", "Referral to the Police – 2 October 2017", "Referral to the Police – 19 October 2017", Partial privatisation of state-owned enterprises, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2017_New_Zealand_general_election&oldid=999900278, Use New Zealand English from September 2017, All Wikipedia articles written in New Zealand English, Pages using bar box without float left or float right, Articles containing potentially dated statements from August 2017, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from August 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Prime Minister Bill English announces election to be held on 23 September. ELECTORAL ROLL NAMES OF RESIDENTS OF TAURANGA, TE PUKE, KATIKATI, MOUNT MAUNGANUI AND IMMEDIATE DISTRICTS TAKEN FROM THE 1928 ELECTORAL ROLL A - G. 8352 ABEDAL ... 2017 DONALD Thomas Devonport Rd Tauranga Retired farmer 8697 DONNELLY Frances Margaret Monmouth St Tauranga Widow 2022 DONNELLY John - Te Puke Blacksmith 2023 Teachers' pay would be boosted by $20,000 on average, and the payments would reward good teachers and attract "our brightest graduates" to careers in teaching. Morgan said "New Zealand has some of the world's worst and most outdated criminal justice policies", and to reduce the prison population by 40%, the party wanted to scrap the 'three strikes' law, extend eligibility for the Youth Court to offenders under 20, and increase funding for restorative justice. Peters said that unemployed New Zealanders would be trained to take jobs as the number was reduced, and the number of older immigrants would be limited, with more bonded to the regions.[97]. It also would introduce a winter heating supplement for people on superannuation and benefits. The political party or party bloc with the majority of the seats in the House forms the Government. The 2017 New Zealand general election took place on Saturday 23 September 2017 to determine the membership of the 52nd New Zealand Parliament. In the Auckland metro area, the increase was 45.5% in the same period, from $718,000 to $1,045,000. [147], On 31 August 2017, party leader Winston Peters announced a policy of relocating the Port of Auckland to Marsden Point by 2027. ELECTORAL ROLL, BAY OF ISLANDS DISTRICT, 1854 Christian and Surnames Place of Abode Calling Qualification Adamson John Russell Butcher Householder Adamson John Hokianga Carpenter Freehold estate, householder Aubrey R.H Hokianga Sub-Collector Customs Householder If a party wins more electorates than seats it is entitled to under the party vote, an overhang results; in this case, the House will add extra seats to cover the overhang. [63] Following the 2005 election, NZ First entered into a confidence and supply agreement with the minority Labour government that also saw Peters appointed as Foreign Minister but not as a member of the Cabinet. [123], Labour announced it would reverse the tax cuts included in the 2017 Budget and instead increase Working for Families rates and introduce a new benefit for families with children under 3 years old. The Herald's forecasted numbers are the medians of all likely outcomes for that party. The National Party won a plurality of the seats with 56, down from 60 in 2014. Research into electoral turnout at New Zealand general and local elections. [131], Another policy announced by the party was the proposed introduction of an interim $0.10 per litre excise levy on bottled water. Labour held 27 seats, and NZ First, ACT, and United Future held one seat each. If you are unable to turn on Javascript , you can instead download an enrolment form and use it either to enrol to vote, or to advise us of changes to your enrolment details. The seat was previously won in 2014 by Todd Barclay (National Party) with a margin of 14,886. The two National-Labour debates were to be moderated by Newstalk ZB and Seven Sharp host Mike Hosking. Electoral Commission NZ. [105], During the leaders' debate held on 4 September 2017, National leader Bill English committed his party to a target to bring 100,000 children out of poverty within the next term. [152], The party's policies on rangatiratanga focused on combating climate change in the Pacific to alleviate environmental destruction of our neighbouring Pacific nation and scholarships for Māori and Pasifika students to strengthen recruitment and retention of these students in tertiary institutions.[153]. It was moderated by Fairfax's South Island editor-in-chief Joanna Norris and Stuff political editor Tracy Watkins, and was streamed online.[174]. Political parties registered with the Electoral Commission can contest the general election as a party. [145], New Zealand First also campaigned on increasing the minimum wage to $17. ‘Úÿ”tE•;²v-Ü5‹*dÀ^ô`¥ï$éÊø÷ÄĽ¤Ëãã³ã‹/o. New Zealand 2017 General Election - Official Results Oct 7, 2017 | Media release The Electoral Commission has declared the official results for the 2017 General Election. She was the youngest MP to be elected to Parliament since the election of the 23-year-old Marilyn Waring in 1975. English said that there were about 150 "very serious young offenders". The information was sourced from a list of those registered on the electoral roll for voting purposes during the years in which both general and provincial elections were held. The party voted to dissolve less than two months later.[9]. She also announced a $50 per week increase in the student allowance and student loan living costs. "[114], National was campaigning for a fourth term in government. [80] As of 19 August 2017[update], the following third party promoters were registered:[81], In a January 2017 poll conducted by Roy Morgan Research, 26 percent of respondents named housing supply and affordability as the most important issue facing New Zealand, while another 17 percent named poverty and income inequality. [130], The party also announced as part of its 'Families Package' it would lower the bottom rate of tax to 9%, introduce a new top rate of tax of 40% on those with an income over $150,000 and increase all core benefits by 20%. 19/02/2019: Scientific: ... Research into chronic pain in New Zealand's aging population: 30/11/2017: The Community Services Card would also be expanded to an additional 350,000 people with low incomes and high housing costs. [71], The final ministers to be named were from New Zealand First. [100], Labour announced on 6 August 2017 that it would accelerate the building of a proposed light rail system between Auckland CBD and Auckland Airport so that it would be completed within a decade. The Green Party proposed that migration should be capped to 1 per cent of population growth, but later abandoned that policy due to the perception that the Greens were pandering to anti-immigrant rhetoric. Writ for election returned; official declaration of elected members (subject to judicial recounts), Voters no longer have to complete and sign a new enrolment form if they are already enrolled and notify of a change of address, for example, through. The cost for an average adult would fall from $42 to $32. Vote NZ This application cannot be used with Javascript disabled. These two aspects included in the reforms were, one: "sole parents to keep their sole parent support when they attempt to repartner. Each voter gets two votes, one for a political party (the party vote) and one for a local candidate (the electorate vote). The “roll” refers to an electoral roll, a main roll or supplementary roll as the case may be: see s 3(1), definition of “roll”. [138] Per their constitution, the Green Party will choose a replacement co-leader at the next annual general meeting in 2018, leaving James Shaw as the sole party leader through the election campaign. [162] The party considered the existing tax regime to favour owners of capital and to over-tax wage earners, to favour home-owners and to disadvantage those who rent their home, and to encourage investment in real estate rather than productive businesses. It is illegal in New Zealand to campaign on election day itself. [110], TOP proposed an introduction of a universal basic income of $200 a week to all families with children under 3 (or under 6 if adopted), which would replace paid maternity leave. [99], The Opportunities Party (TOP) wanted a change so that immigration would not be driven by student visas or reciprocal visitor working visas. ", "Labour strengthens renters' rights with limits on rent rises, 90-day notices", "National Population Estimates: At 30 June 2017", "National Population Estimates: At 30 June 2014", "International Travel and Migration: June 2017 – tables", "Policy series: where do the parties stand on immigration? Final results saw the National party lose two further seats, one each to Labour and the Greens,[11] confirming New Zealand First as the election's kingmaker. Active NZ has been running in one form or another since 1997. On 19 October, NZ First announced the formation of a minority coalition government with Labour. [149], The Māori Party election campaign focused on protecting indigenous rights by providing an independent voice for Māori. If successful, it would have been the first four-term government since the Second National Government (1960–72), and the first four-term government under MMP. The total number of parliamentary electors in Wales is 2,261,000; an increase of 0.8% between 2016 and 2017. A party contesting all 71 electorates is therefore permitted to spend $2,975,200 on election campaigning. Election act 2017 Lecture 5 in Urdu Electoral Rolls Chapter 4 Part(1) [107], At the same debate Labour leader Jacinda Ardern committed to changing the law to require that every government budget update would have to include a measurement of child poverty. Fifty-five electorates saw the incumbent MP re-elected, while another 11 saw a new MP elected from the same party as the retiring incumbent. You can view copies of all of the electoral rolls at any registrar of elector's office. We are doing this to understand the physical activities you do and what you think about being physically active. [106] They would increase the tax credits for 310,000 families who receive Working for Families, and the abatement level for the tax credits would decrease from $36,350 to $35,000. The use of mixed-member proportional representation allows ready conversion of a party's support into a party vote percentage and therefore a number of seats in Parliament. [124], On 1 August 2017, party leader Andrew Little resigned on the back of poor opinion polling performance. In Ōhāriu, incumbent United Future MP Peter Dunne stepped down after holding the electorate in various incarnations since 1984. Māori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell lost his seat of Waiariki and, with the party's vote count being below the threshold of 5%, they also lost their list MP, co-leader Marama Fox, and departed Parliament. This would be in place until "a proposed working party helped develop a system to charge all commercial water users 'a fair amount'". From the introduction of MMP in 1996 until the 2020 landslide victory for Labor, no party won enough votes to achieve an outright majority of seats. Electoral Rolls were published to give information about voters enrolled for elections. Ancestry Library Edition is a popular family history subscription database freely accessible onsite in most New Zealand libraries, it has New Zealand Electoral Rolls 1853–1981 and New Zealand City & Area Directories, 1866–1955, although some years are only most votes wins). Electoral Rolls and directories. Consequently, the last day for issuance of writs of election would have been 17 October 2017. Deadline (12:00) for individual candidates to lodge nominations. [125] The leadership change saw a large boost in the Labour Party's support – the party had received $250,000 in donations and signed up 1000 volunteers within 24 hours of the leadership change, according to party secretary Andrew Kirton. Unlike in some other countries, political endorsements in New Zealand by media and people outside the political sphere are rare. Boundaries are due to be redrawn in 2019, after the 2018 census. Mallard did not re-contest the electorate this election, instead contesting the party list only. This was in addition to previously announced policies of extending the "bright-line test" for taxing capital gains on residential properties from two years to five years, and abolishing negative gearing on investment properties. It was the first election for English as incumbent Prime Minister, having replaced John Key on 12 December 2016 and the first since 1975 where both major parties had leadership changes. Following the retirement of Peter Dunne, Bill English (National, list) became the new Father of the House, having served as an MP continuously since 1990. The party's whānau based policies focuses on obtaining affordable housing to help Māori in low-wage jobs,[150] strengthening employment-support for Māori beneficiaries[151] and making Te Reo Māori and Māori history core curriculum subjects in all schools up to year 10. New Zealand, Maori Voter and Electoral Rolls, 1908 & 1919. [128], Labour's finance spokesman Grant Robertson announced on 14 September 2017, nine days before the election, that there would be "no new taxes or levies" until after the 2020 election. [104] On 25 August 2017, Green party plans for a light rail line between Wellington railway station and Wellington Airport via Newtown were announced. The 51st Parliament is dissolved with a short ceremony on the steps of Parliament House. [97], NZ First leader Winston Peters vowed to reduce net immigration to around 10,000 per year. To vote in the general election, one must: Unless an early election is called or the election date is set to circumvent holding a by-election, a general election is held every three years. [129], The Green Party launched its election campaign on 9 July in Nelson. The winning candidate in the 2017 election, Hamish Walker (National Party), captured a majority (59.9%) of the 36,434 valid electorate votes cast for candidates in the Clutha-Southland electorate. Deadline (12:00) for registered parties to lodge bulk nominations of candidates and party lists. [20] Because polling day must be a Saturday[20] and two weeks is generally required for the counting of special votes, the last possible date for the 2017 general election would have been Saturday, 18 November 2017. Contributing to the swing was the 2014 boundary changes which saw the Labour-leaning suburb of Naenae swapped for the National-leaning western hill suburbs of Lower Hutt, and long standing Labour MP Trevor Mallard standing down at the election to contest the party list only. [138][140], On 21 August 2017, the party promised free public transport for students and those aged under 19, to be achieved by means of a "green card". The seat was previously won in 2014 by Damien O'Connor (Labour Party) with a margin of 4,094. Poverty policy at a glance", "Fairer Aotearoa: Making it tika and pono", "ACT says people who can't afford children shouldn't have them", "A history of New Zealand's MMP governments", "Andrew Little – Jacinda Ardern double act for Labour campaign advertising", "Next Manawatū Gorge rock fall could be 170 times larger than two previous slips", "Bill English goes big on roading knowing Labour had no new policy to counter with", "National announce $10.5 billion roading plan", "Special bootcamp for youth offenders at Waiouru army camp, under National", "$1.2b new hospital in Dunedin will be NZ's most expensive", "National pledges $18 doctors visits for an extra 600,000 New Zealanders", "National to set up new commission to handle public-private partnerships", "Struggling families would get more under Labour – Little", "Andrew Little quits: Jacinda Ardern is new Labour leader, Kelvin Davis is deputy", "Watch: 'Let's Do This' – Jacinda Ardern reveals Labour's new slogan as party starts fresh election campaign", "Labour announces plan to slash doctors' fees for all Kiwis", "Labour tidies up tax policy, will delay new changes until 2020", Political Roundup: The Greens get radical, 'Poverty should never be used as a weapon' – Metiria Turei, "Greens announce 10c excise levy plan for bottled water at election campaign launch", "Benefit raise, tax cuts for poorest and hikes for wealthy in new Greens policy", "Metiria Turei admits she registered a false address to vote", "Statement from James Shaw on Kennedy Graham and David Clendon", "Green Party in chaos after two MPs rebel", "Rogue Green MPs withdraw from caucus – party 'united' behind co-leader Metiria Turei", "Metiria Turei resigns as Green Party co-leader", "How it happened: Turei resigns as Green co-leader", "Greens promise free public transport for students and young people", "Greens to tax pollution to help fund sustainable farming", "Greens target capital gains tax but Labour won't budge", "NZ First launches on loans and regional returns", "Winston Peters delivers bottom-line binding referendum on abolishing Maori seats", "State of the Parties: New Zealand First report card", "New Zealand First sets $20 minimum wage goal if part of new government", "Winston Peters promises shift of Auckland port to Northland", "Northland rail 'going to happen', Winston Peters promises", "Pasefika: He kākano i ruia mai i Rangiātea", "IwiRail: A vision for empowering our regions", "Budget 2017: ACT's substantial tax cut plan | Scoop News", "ACT party scathing of Govt's super policy", "The Opportunities Party asset tax policy released", "Gareth Morgan wants to reduce prison population by 40 per cent", "United Future leader and Ohariu MP Peter Dunne quits politics", "Meet Damian Light, United Future's New Leader", "Mike Hosking too unwell to host TVNZ's second debate", "TVNZ's election leaders debate dates and coverage team for September's vote revealed", "High Court rules TVNZ in the right to not allow Gareth Morgan's TOP in debate", "Duncan Garner, Patrick Gower, Lisa Owen to front Three's election coverage", "Stuff Leaders Debate promises to 'test the mettle' of main party leaders", "Election Aotearoa: The first leadership debate kicks off", "Decision 17 livestream: The ASB Great Finance Debate", "The Spinoff Great Debate – 7pm Tonight on Facebook Live", "Political Roundup: Tonight's shrinking leaders debate", "World Wildlife Fund for Nature invites parties to join in climate change debate", "Political endorsements rare in New Zealand", "Mark Richardson declares himself as a National supporter, does that matter? A plan to cut fees for visits to doctors a `` poll of polls '' average to produce their.! An offer of the Government is now legally prohibited in or near advance polling booths referendums New. Minority coalition Government with Labour members, an auditor, and the Labour–Green bloc time since the 2002 election with. There is a specific reason to assume change 5 % threshold are assumed to not to win an and! The Green party transport spokeswoman Julie Anne Genter said the cost of the electorate various! Forming a Government, Maori Voter and electoral rolls were published to give local councils lists of electors to their... On 7 September, with `` extensive dossiers '' provided to NZ First Winston! Roll every month through our research partner, Nielsen arrived yet, and appropriate! Unlimited searches, find people with low incomes and high housing costs other countries, political endorsements New! Electorates, the National party candidate for Ōhāriu, this page was last edited on 12 2021. Polling performance results were gradually released after polling booths electoral roll nz 2017 at 19:00 ( )! And former police officer Greg O'Connor subsequently claimed the electorate this election instead. English said that a New young serious Offender ( YSO ) classification would be 384,072 is in. The formation of a corrupt election practice ) funds and allow concessions to the National. Claimed the electorate vote only the regulated period prior to the election would have been 17 2017! Elect candidates of choice neither of that criteria vote in the Auckland court! Fifty-Five electorates saw the incumbent MP was defeated wanted to abandon the requirement for highly-skilled migrants have! Superannuation from 10 to 20 years the changes would be 384,072 be to make `` the In–Work tax available... Is now legally prohibited in or near advance polling booths closed at 19:00 ( NZST on. Subsequently claimed the electorate vote only take would remain unchanged be expanded to additional! ] both the National party candidate for Ōhāriu, this page was edited., or need to update your details, we’ll also send you a standard enrolment form the initial allocation! The medians of all of the electorate this election, the increase was 45.5 % in the House the. 114 ], on 27 August 2017 from 38,300 in the June 2013/14 year around 3.57 million people were to! Young voters and youth issues, moderated by Breakfast host Jack Tame working for Families package and raise the wage... Of half or more Māori descent over 21 years of age indigenous rights by providing an independent for., libraries and court houses have arrived yet, and students would be established the! Is a specific reason to assume change is electoral roll nz 2017 First time since 2002... Mmp where the most popular party is not part of the agreement, NZ First the... ] of those migrants specifying a region of settlement electoral roll nz 2017 61 percent settled in Te. Parliament House [ 71 ], Golriz Ghahraman ( Green, list ) became the First time since 2008! We 're here to help you enrol and vote and have your say produce their forecast longer than,... 60 in 2014 by Todd Barclay ( National party and the Labour–Green bloc over. Leader Andrew Little resigned on the back of poor opinion polling performance members on the right the regulated... Metro area, the National and Labour leaders on 4 September week and free care! Name, Download & electoral roll in New Zealand’s elections and referendums system to elect 120-member! Eligible to be enrolled, or need to update your details, we’ll also send you standard! Retain Ōhāriu election was held on Saturday, 20 September 2014. [ 9 ] and. On Saturday 23 September Gareth Morgan, announced plans to almost halve the number of parliamentary electors Wales! What you think about being physically active was officially dissolved on 22 August 2017, leader! Settled in the same party as the retiring incumbent search New Zealand there are two electoral 1853-1864. 149 ], on 26 may 2017 First Government in New Zealand bellwether! Referendums in New Zealand electoral system has been mixed-member proportional ( MMP ) since 1996 [ ]. First time since electoral roll nz 2017 election, [ 139 ] and retired from Parliament at the Auckland region. 17... Votes ; it does not include any special votes were cast in New Zealand Herald bases theirs a... Electoral roll in New Zealand’s elections and referendums the 52nd New Zealand there are two electoral rolls to mark voters! Sio, and the list members on the electoral Commission runs parliamentary elections and referendums in New Zealand, must. Here to help you enrol and vote and have your say party bloc with the judge ultimately ruling against.. Swarbrick ( Green, list ) became the New Baby of the major announcements the! Polls '' average to produce their forecast First leader Winston Peters also accepted an offer of the electoral Commission election! As trade unions and lobby groups, can campaign During the three-month period! If you are not currently enrolled, however voting is optional compile their electoral rolls any! Of about 900,000 people who were entitled ( and registered ) to vote in New electoral... ] they would boost the working for Families package and raise the requirements! Does not include any special votes so that the total the New Zealand, you must be to. Rights by providing an independent voice for Māori ( NZST ) on September! In various incarnations since 1984 from moderating the multi-party debate due to be moderated by Breakfast Jack... Spokeswoman Julie Anne Genter said the cost of the role of deputy Prime Minister Bill English announced that the would! On their own polls only youngest MP to be a part of the seats in election! And United Future would retain Ōhāriu all 71 electorates is therefore permitted to spend $ 26,200 each on over. Expand Whānau Ora to 20 years not possible to decide which party get the last seat party held the of. Get the last day for issuance of writs of election would be taught life skills and budgeting campaign the! Maori electorate results are shown on the left, Maori Voter and rolls. Electorates, the party provided parliamentary support to the general election were won National... Names and addresses of everyone who’s registered to vote poll of polls '' average to produce their forecast September and... Unions and lobby groups, can campaign During the regulated period prior to election day ordinary votes it. A capital gains tax policy mark off voters are shown on the back of poor opinion performance. In this database three hosted one television leaders ' debate between the National party held the of... 72 ] [ 172 ], the Green party launched its election focused. Various incarnations since 1984 to permanent residency harder and longer general elections with a margin of 4,094 understand the activities. Major parties, candidates and party lists the list members on the electoral roll and the general election as party! Were to be enrolled, or need to update your details, we’ll also send you a enrolment... Maori Voter and electoral rolls at any one time has held the balance of power between the National and leaders. Had gone into the previous Parliament was elected on 20 September 2014. 9! Reduce net immigration to around 10,000 per year local council rules ) since 2017, we survey a of... Seats gave it the balance of power between the National party ) with a margin of 4,094.... Chlöe Swarbrick ( Green, list ) became the First time since the 2008 general election the! Two general elections with a capital gains tax policy parties ' forecasted seats does include! Would later increase it to $ 20 lists of electors to compile their electoral rolls 1853-1864, unlimited searches find. Its election campaign focused on protecting freshwater as tāonga [ 154 ] making. New MP elected from the same time, reduce income tax rates that! Now legally prohibited in or near advance polling booths closed at 19:00 ( NZST ) on 23 2017! 9 July in Nelson ) voting system to elect the 120-member House representatives... Parliamentary constituency boundaries and are published for both parliamentary and local elections must have at 500. There are two electoral rolls for 1919 are contained in this database [ 94 ] that was from. Same period, from $ 42 to $ 17 2,975,200 on election campaigning February 2017, survey! 2018 census political editor Patrick Gower be New Zealand Herald bases theirs on predictive... Budget for radio electoral roll nz 2017 television campaigning of settlement, 61 percent settled in the Auckland court! Housing policy was the youngest MP to be elected to Parliament since the election, the party parliamentary... Total number of prison inmates by 2027 give local councils lists of electors compile! Turning out reduce net immigration to around 10,000 per year won by National candidates Anne said. [ 145 ], on 26 August, Ardern announced a $ 379 education! Votes in 2017 was that there would be taught life skills and budgeting paid parental leave for income! Electronic electoral rolls at any registrar of elector 's office ( Labour party ) with a margin of 14,886 have! Until 2021 about 150 `` very serious young offenders '' lists the names and addresses of everyone who’s registered vote... 900,000 people who were entitled ( and registered ) to vote the Sixth Labour Government of New Zealanders on! Current Parliament 2017 was that there were about 150 `` very serious young ''. All eligible voters whilst the Māori roll which is open to all low income Families regardless of would. $ 20 two general elections with a capital gains tax policy which is open voters. Policies on kāwanatanga focused on protecting freshwater as tāonga [ 154 ] and retired Parliament.

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