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Finally: I don't think Vriesea splendens is likely to be toxic to children or pets, based on the fact that bromeliads typically aren't, and none of the sites I looked at mentioned anything to that effect. The leaves are thick, arching and rosette shaped with a … Care. vriesea imperialis Light green leaves with reddish purple undersides form a rosette to 5 feet high and wide. Vriesea carinata or 'lobster claw' is also popular. Vriesea splendens, commonly called flaming sword, is a bromeliad with generally lance-shaped or linear foliage 8 – 24 inches long that is green or purplish often with crossbands of dark brown.The leaves have smooth margins and may have colorful bracts at the leaf bases. It has the typical bromeliad rosette form and water vase. Vriesea splendens or 'Flaming Sword' is a very popular species. Ongoing Care. V. imperialis is an outstanding plant, perhaps not as colorful but the deep maroon flower spike that reaches up to 2m is eye-catching. sursă foto. Planta de apartament Vriesea splendens formează o singură inflorescență care ține puțin, frumusețea este dată de bractee - frunzele colorate de la baza florii. Read through these care instructions for. Care requirements CAN differ from one plant to another. Family Name : ‎Bromeliaceae . The foliage and flower bract makes this plant stand out among all bromeliads. One is grown for there impressive foliage and the other for their colorful bracts and flowers.They range in sizes from a very tiny 10 cm to more than 2 metre in diameter and height. Like most Bromeliads, Vriesea splendens will flower only once from each rosette of leaves. the popular houseplant is also known as zebra bromeliad or painted feather. Flaming Sword (Vriesea carinata) - Garden.org New and Unread Tree-Mails Variety or Cultivar 'Astrid' _ 'Astrid' is a tender, compact, rosette-forming, evergreen perennial with arching, strap-shaped, glossy, dark green leaves and, in summer, erect, spike-like racemes of scarlet bracts surrounding tubular, yellow flowers. Vriesea hyroglyphica or 'King of the Bromeliads' Vriesea gigantica is from eastern Brazil and is both Terrestrial and Epiphtyic Your Cart is Empty. Vriesea splendens, and remember if you need help, we’re an email away. Their striking bracts will live for about three to six months. Vriesea Splendens (Flaming Sword) Bromeliad Care … If you want an easy care bromeliad with jazzy animal print foliage & a tall vibrant flower, then look no further. I cut as far in to the mother plant as I can to get the most base for the new pup possible. Propagate a new plant from the pups when the parent plant is close to expiring. It looks like a dense rosette of fleshy, long and narrow, rigid, dark green leaves, crossed transversely by brown bands. 0. Rating Content; Neutral: On Mar 1, 2016, DaylilySLP from Dearborn Heights, MI (Zone 6a) wrote: Boldly banded w/green and chocolate foliage - to 30" tall and 22" across - in bloom to 12 weeks - inflorescence is fiery red, sword shaped and sometimes branched. Noteworthy Characteristics. Vriesea splendens can be planted in the ground in a humus rich soil, or attached to the side of a fern tree. Allow some direct morning or evening sun in the winter if possible. $0.00 Subtotal; Checkout; Login; Shop ; Plant Care; Our Story; Sign Up; ... Vriesea philippo-coburgii (Variegated) $29.95. Vriesea gigantea Vriesea Care Botanical name. Vriesea - grow & care, great houseplanthttps://www.growplants.org/growing/vrieseaHow to grow Vriesea plantAlternative names: Flaming sword s Vriesea splendens (Flaming Sword) is ideal for novice gardeners - as a member of the bromeliad family, these plants are epiphytic in nature meaning they are air plants and super-easy to care for. These plants do prefer warm to hot temperatures, humidity, and air circulation. Scientific Name: Vriesea species, especially V. splendens (aka flaming sword) Plant Type: Bromeliad Light: Provide your vriesea bromeliad with bright indirect light. The foliage is often arching, forming a funnel-shaped rosette. 2 foot flower spike. Care Instructions: Bright indirect light or some filtered sun. Ltd. Tel : 07 5373 6222 Fax: 07 5373 6222. It is native to South America and is one of the smaller bromeliads reaching 18 inches tall and 10 inches wide with a. A fiery gift for mom this Mother’s Day Vriesea ‘Splenriet’, a hybrid of Vriesea splendens that is also known as flaming sword, is ideal for novice gardeners. Bromeliads make excellent houseplants due to their vivid colors, unique features, and hardiness. The vrieseas (Vriesea spp.) The above information is basic generalizations that will help you care for most types bromeliads. When mature, it sends up a brilliant red flower spike, from which its common name is derived. The flowers are variously shaped, short-stalked flowers, generally in a flattened spike-like racemes or panicles in 2 rows. Flaming sword 'Astrid', Vriesea 'Multiflower Astrid' Genus. Vriesea Nova are easily cared for in just about any environment. Vriesea Vriesea. With detailed information on the keeping and breeding of mantids and other invertebrates. Plant Biotech Pty. Vriesea Splendens or ‘Flaming Sword’ is one of the most popular species with lots of hybrids available. This plant’s dark green and reddish brown striped leaves and long-lasting sword-like flowers make a striking partnership. care. Read More (Compare Vriesea splendens with Tillandsia cyanea, for example. Vriesea is a genus of the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Tillandsioideae.The genus name is for Willem Hendrik de Vriese, Dutch botanist, physician (1806–1862). Botanical Name : Vriesea splendens. Vriesea splendens in the online shop for praying mantises and other invertebrates, feeder insects and equipment. Although they look like flowers, it is their bracts that are the showpiece and the Vriesea's small blooms emanate briefly from them. 41 Menary Road, Coes Creek, QLD 4560 Australia Continue Shopping. Vriesea Splenriet is like the species, but sunstantially larger, will tolerate temperatures no lower than 40 degrees fahrenheit. The Vriesea family is a very popular and easily cultivated bromeliad. The large growing Vriesea imperialis is a real show stopper. This is a … This species features a red sword like flower head which can grow up to 2ft tall and displays attractive mottled leaves. Distribution and habitat: Vriesea splendens is native to Venezuela and Trinidad, Guiana and Suriname. Vriesea splendens or Bromelia is an evergreen, epiphytic plant, native to Central and South America. Plant database entry for Flaming Sword (Vriesea carinata) with 15 images and 32 data details. Its species are widespread over Mexico, Central America, South America and the West Indies.. Flaming Sword Bromeliad (Lutheria splendens) - Garden.org New and Unread Tree-Mails A north facing window can be ideal. Blooming, Care and Culture, Growing Indoors, Growing Outdoors. Depending on the Bromeliad, I might use a saw, shovel, sharp knife, or in the case of my Vriesea propagation seen here, I used my trusty Felco 13 clippers. The flaming sword plant (botanical name : vriesea splendens) is one of the most popular vriesea bromeliads grown indoors. In zones 9 - 10, these plants can survive outdoors, as long as they are protected from frost and full sun. The genera can be divided into two groups. belong to the bromeliad family and produce spectacular spike-shaped flowers. As a member of the bromeliad family, this plant is epiphytic in nature (meaning that it extracts nutrients from the air) and is super-easy to care for. This article provides information on the specific growing guidelines for Vriesea Splendens and hybrid bromeliads. Este o plantă epifită, care poate crește până la un metru înălțime și 50 de cm lățime. Many of the vriesea species are too large for growing indoors, but a few, including the flaming sword (Vriesea splendens) are grown as potted plants in homes and in commercial buildings. With all that being said, I’d like to share whatever experience I’ve had with this plant, in terms of its care requirements. The Flaming sword grows best in a one to one mixture of regular Potting soil and Orchid mix. Safe shipping to many countries. Bromeliad Plant Growing Specifications – Vriesea Splendens And Hybrids. Locate the Vriesea in a bright,indirect light indoors. A funky, modern indoor plant that says ‘WOW’! its native to south america where its growing epiphytic (sitting on trees). vriesea splendens’ common name flaming sword is based on its sword shaped inflorescence with closely overlapping bright red bracts. Specifically, the flattened arrangement of bracts.) ‘Flaming Sword’ is a stylish, unique and a-typical indoor plant. Plant Care; Our Story; Sign Up; Login; Get Free Shipping on all orders $120 or more. Vriesea 'Nova' Quick View Vriesea 'Nova' Sold Out. The Flaming sword houseplant (Vriesea Splendens), is one of the most common Bromeliads used for indoor decoration and is one of the showiest. It is green with maroon, horizontal banding on both sides of the leaf. The extensive, firm, strappy leaves are horizontally striped with light green and deep green or nearly black stripes. Plant database entry for Flaming Sword Bromeliad (Lutheria splendens) with 9 images and 25 data details. Vriesea splendens, commonly called flaming sword, is a bromeliad with generally lance-shaped or linear foliage 8 – 24 inches long that is green or purplish often with crossbands of dark brown. The Flaming Sword Bromeliad (Vriesea splendens) is a bold and easy care plant. Bring this bromeliad inside during winter months. Too much light will result in long, dark vriesea bromeliad leaves, while to little light will result in yellow leaves. All four pups are firmly attached and great candidates for my Vriesea propagation. Inflorescence features red bracts and yellow or white flowers; it increases plant height dramaticallyto 1015 feet. Water when the top of the soil media is dry. Author: admin 7 Comments. Vriesea splendens, also called flaming sword, has attractive foliage and inflorescence.The foliage is long and strap like. Vriesea 'Astrid' Other names. In its natural habitat Vriesea splendens is growing terrestrial among the roots of trees in soil rich in leaf mould, but mostly it is founded growing epiphytic in dense forests in shady wet areas. The scarlet bracts envelop small yellow flowers, and can appear at any time of year.

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