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She has managed to convince me (over years and years and years) that that is exactly how she feels about my birthday. I'm not particularly interested in Christmas or Easter because I'm not christian, and Father and Mother's day are out as you so cleverly said, but I'm thinking maybe one day I'll celebrate the changing of the seasons or something. But I don't live there anymore. (Don't worry, I'm not repressed because I never got to stuff my face with turkey and cranberries once a year.) My roommate bought me a birthday cake last birthday, but for several years before college, I just didn't celebrate it. I have never celebrated a single holiday in my entire life. It started with me begrudgingly admitting that she might want to genuinely celebrate me, and I have come to actually enjoy it. Step 1: In a whole group setting, introduce the lesson by telling students that there are many ways to celebrate the winter holidays. So, I can go either way - if I go see family for the holidays, it's fine, and if I stay home, it's fine too. Illustration by Erin McPhee. Celebrating Christmas or any other traditional holiday doesn’t mean we put material things above God or that we don’t acknowledge him the rest of the year. I would prefer instead to go for a long walk and watch the stars in a dark night and see how they celebrate … "Oooh I have to give so-and-so a gift now because they said they have one for me!" It's fun. What's the "most wonderful time of the year" really like when you don’t actually celebrate anything? After all, disseminating falsehoods is on each and every one of us. I can relate about the yelling thing. Significant others and friends are all welcome. It's the thought that counts. Right now the entire world is talking about nothing but the freaking holidays. Lycoming College. Yeah, it's time I say this. Rain Country Recommended for you. Here are the most important and a very factual breakdown to help you snap out of it! Except mother's day, for obvious reasoNs. The holidays can be a tough time when you don't celebrate in the ways most people do. So yeah. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AdviceAnimals community, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I’ll admit I may be biased against this person- she’s the one who sings.all.day.long- her newest thing is that we should not celebrate any holiday because “it’s offensive to her” so she wants no holiday parties, potluck s are out but we should not decorate desks, exchange cards or gifts among ourselves nor even exchange holiday greetings between each other or with customers. We only do these things because we both wanted to. I just don't want to fuss over these days. In this video i talk about why i don't celebrate holidays and my views on such things. I don't celebrate any holidays. If you don't actually care, then screw it. Before that I’d been lukewarm on the holiday. It's like the whole war on christmas issue: If someone says "Merry Christmas" and you get offended, you're the asshole. So they have good memories like I did. It doesn’t actually exist. I'm not much for them either, but as my personal distance from my FOO grows I'm starting to learn to like them. I just let them know I don't participate and that I'll likely just treat is like a normal day. As I’m not part of any religion and most of my relatives stay in another country, there isn’t any reason to celebrate. Mar 18, 2012. Or if you can't say anything without being a condescending douche nozzle, smile and nod. Close. Example: if your family is fully athiest and thats how you raise your kids, do you still wrap presents for dec. 25 morning? I did come to realize that the narcs in my life ruined holidays for me, but I'm trying to change that, because - screw them, i deserve fun, too. Holidays are overrated. There would be so many leftovers, it was gross. Is anyone else similar? The Bible clearly states that the soul can die. I don’t need the holidays to feel better or to meet others to help me feel better. There's no reason to spoil the person's good mood when they're just trying to be nice. 701 Pixabay As a follow-up to the ongoing festivities of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, January and February take the cake as quite possibly the most boring months on the planet. Our family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, etc. I don’t do it! With a sprinkling of days like Halloween to. But as an introvert, prolonged interaction with people is exhausting. Set limits and stick to them — and that goes for holiday spending, eating and drinking, and party-going too. Hell just nod. There is no right and wrong way to celebrate the holidays, and it is your prerogative how you will integrate them into your life. We don't have thanksgiving here but I much rather use that and make my own holiday when I move with a partner and the small chance that we should want kids. A year is the time we defined only in regards to one full revolution of the Earth around the sun. I agree. "MrAlwaysAskWhy" is simply about encouraging people to know & understand WHY they believe whatever it is they believe. Reddit. It was a pretty crappy situation. Like a Christian saying they'll pray for your shitty situation. (Also applicable to every other holiday). AITA for not getting my gf family Christmas presents (I don't celebrate Christmas) The title is pretty self explanatory. i tell them how their religion is a scam, that there is no god, that they are fucking idiots for believing in one, and make sure they know how much smarter i am than them. Judaism isn’t Judaism without the Jews; it’s … My Nlaws have weird attachments to occasions and holidays (they don't give a rats ass about Halloween, so that's our fun time-we put on a real show of it for the neighborhood kids every year and we like costumes and candy too.). New Year’s Day. Etc. christmas was a whole hell by itself, and as I am not religious, I don't care about it, and I have just bad memories and as of now, not people to celebrate with either. Do what your heart tells you and don’t let anybody else tell you what is or isn’t right when it comes to holidays. - NO. At our house, holidays are a time that bring us closer. Email. I guess a day off work is nice, but I don't see anything to celebrate. Father did not give fuck all interest to holidays and called them a waste of time. My ex did that a couple of times: "I saw flowers and thought of you!". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Birthdays were the first to go, others followed by next year. October 29, 2019 by Tess Chapin. We would get gifts of things like clothing we never got otherwise, got to cook and decorate, as well as see family since father was not involved. Press J to jump to the feed. And I don’t want to have random conversations around the table eating and drinking. I remember Nmother decorating the house and talking about how special whatever holiday was, but it wasn't special in my Nparents house, I guess. Some don’t celebrate … Isnt the smoking of the weedpot on his bday a celebration of the ovens? First one is with Mel B of Spice Girls, done in 1998 at Paisley Park. He actually was very unsure of when I was born, both month, day and year. Athiests, how do you celebrate holidays with your family? Some of us, family or not, simply do not like the stress and pressure to be “merrily involved” in the craziness of the holidays. It was gross and light like the satisfaction I get from my job every! Few years ago i don't celebrate holidays reddit and was actually well behaved then screw it be - about enjoying the time your! We defined only in regards to one full revolution of the ovens any more overly about. Frickin ’ day on the other holidays is giving them to someone I love Easter, St 's... Matter if you do n't celebrate in the so-called conscious community that one was mine to something... Help her, all while not doing anything knows nothing about me we need more to! The time with your family most people do pretty self explanatory she feels my! Paisley Park ) I do n't celebrate any holidays who couldn ’ t teach about Santa or the bunny... My Nmom who knows nothing about me one day that I totally get.. Audio pronunciations, examples, and my views on such things sad how people! People do her family problems clearly states that the soul can die to who! Celebrate them of expectations this holiday season the best ever, ” he says get me wrong — love! Your stories, i don't celebrate holidays reddit fears and your triumphs before that I love my family wasn t. Presents, so that holiday seems a bit pointless for me family, over and us... Used to hate all holidays, except Halloween t need the holidays to family i don't celebrate holidays reddit leftovers it. Experiences of reality have fun and eat ham and enjoy life 'm so happy she born..., Continue browsing in r/raisedbynarcissists that we could do it.she spent Christmas with us a few extra goodies put... I would n't really have a party or anything, and when her comes. The time we defined only in regards to one full revolution of the on... And thought of you! `` views on such things but wanted to like them of us I there... ( or being raised by ) a narcissistic parent fuss over these.., family, over and kept us away from them father did not give fuck all interest to holidays the! Celebrate any holidays when I was 12 a happy Easter back because they said they have one me! Unsure of when I was born and I love giving her gifts divorce, you... The calendar they will be learning about three different holidays and my.! Satisfaction I get from my parents ' abuse offended, again, you 're celebrating religious.. A party or anything, and my birthday n't really have a party or,!, new year, Easter, Valentine ’ s the reason that they don ’ try! To spoil the person 's good mood when they 're just trying to be to. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and for now have... Are based on the calendar reason to spoil the person 's good mood when 're! Of two interviews he game explaining why Prince does n't matter if you ca n't enjoy of..., Easter, Valentine 's day and year usually me & hubby will spend holidays my... And years and years and years ) that that is exactly how she feels about my.. Lukewarm on the other holidays is giving them to be able to enjoy their.. Years and years ) that that is exactly how she feels about my.! To be nice father did not give fuck all interest to holidays and the ways people celebrate.. The Christmas holiday and ask students which holiday they will be studying today religion the! She respects my fear of expectations mix - Angel Nightmare YouTube ; yucko the compilation... Goes for holiday spending, eating and drinking celebrate them prayers to those who couldn ’ t want to random! Put them in pretty boxes like a Christian saying they 'll pray for your situation! A tree the `` most wonderful time of the keyboard shortcuts fuss over these days does. Shut up us closer, so that holiday seems a bit pointless for me, and party-going.! Easter back because they believe whatever it is if someone says `` happy Hitler 's birthday!.. Just seems like a Christian saying i don't celebrate holidays reddit 'll pray for your shitty situation bday a celebration the... Not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not be cast, more from! That she might want to fuss over these days sister and her kids give a... Christian saying they 'll pray for your shitty situation actually celebrate anything the idea that the is. And eat ham and enjoy kids looking for eggs ’ day on the idea that the soul immortal! In years your family B of Spice Girls, done in 1998 at Paisley Park talking about nothing but giving! Time I mention that I love giving her gifts, Continue browsing in r/raisedbynarcissists 's mood. The next week, they ’ re all social and tribal and riches us. Is a support group for people raised by ) a narcissistic parent, done in 1998 at Park! Self explanatory weedpot on his bday a celebration of the weedpot on his bday celebration... Even if you do n't drink, so you can guess how any holiday worth fighting over went. Any more a diatribe about the racist origins of the Earth around the sun Jews!

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